“Love donation to warm the Maota primary school”

Time: 2020-04-30

 Love students, Focus on education.

   On Jun 1st,2018, the general manager of SYSOLIN company Mr. Mark He came to the Maota Town Central Primary School in Maojian area, Shiyan city and donated RMB 80,000 to the students of the school to improve the school life of those left-behind children.

   In this donation activity, Mr. Mark He said: “ Love students and focus on education is the bounden responsibility of our company. In the future, our company will continue to carry out love activities to contribute to the social development. I hope that all the students of this school can learn to seek knowledge, learn to be a man, learn to do things well, learn to live harmoniously, learn happily and grow up healthily.”

   Roses given, fragrance in hand, delicate love and gain hope. This loving behavior not only reflects the high social responsibility and broad minds of the company but also supports a sky of love for those children in the poor areas.