Diesel engine after-treatment system

Time: 2022-04-21

Introduction of SCR Aftermarket

At present, Specialists commonly think it's hard to meet the emission regulation needs of Eur Ⅳ and EurⅤ. Highly efficient exhaust after-treatment technology SCR is recognized as one of the most promising technologies due to its high fuel economy, low oil requirements, and the use of urea solution as a reducing agent, which has proven technology, stable catalyst, and high NOx conversion efficiency.

Technical overview of after-treatment systems

Catalytic Oxidation Technology (DOC)
Particulate capture technology (PDF)
Nitrogen oxide selective reduction technology (SCR)

Main consumable parts of the Aftertreatment Market

Brands of Aftermarket Market that SYSOLIN can provide: Bosch, Volvo, Cummins, and so on.

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