Foton Parts on Promotion!

Time: 2022-04-14

Good new! Our Foton Cummins engine parts are on promotion! As an authorized distributor of Foton with 14 years' parts exporting experience, our genuine Foton parts are welcomed by clients all around the world. To thanks our valuable customers, we selected some most popular parts for Foton Auman and cut their prices!

Below is a partial list of the whole promotion products. Hurry up to check it out if there is something fit your need!

OE No.EN NameES NameUnit Price (USD)
S5558670A2080Air compressorCompresor de aire159.09
S4307475A2080Fuel injector Inyector de combustible8.15
S4365058A2080 Cylinder headCabeza de cilindro118.47
S5558113A2080 Cylinder gasketJunta de cilindro70.81
S5486993A2080 Rocker armBalancín158.67
S3697204A2080 Oil panColector de aceite7.68
S5581924A2080 Cylinder linerCamisa de cilindro4.30
S3697999A2080 FlywheelVolante357.01
S3694066A2080 PistonPistón38.47
S3696220A2080Fan support apoyo de los fans140.42
S5661124A2080 Exhaust manifold pipetubo colector de escape6.85
S3693669A2080 Crankshaft rear oil sealSello de aceite trasero del cigüeñal49.95
S5358740A2080 TurbochargerTurbocompresor238
S5582944A2080 Belt tentioner tensor de cinturón17.67
S5536715A2080 Oil coolerEnfriador de aceite289.96
S3697678A2080 Flywheel housingCarcasa del volante1332.83
S3698347A2080 CamshaftÁrbol de levas285.61

And there are hundreds more items in this promotion that cannot be all listed! The inventory is limited, so get in touch with me RIGHT NOW to get detailed information and seize the good chance to save cost. We're always committed to provide the best products and service, and be your first choice. Check this article to know more about us.


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