Mutual Learning and Party Building Alliance Promote Development

Time: 2021-07-03

In order to in-depth explore the effective ways of the party building alliance enterprises in the economic development zone in the organization of joint construction, party member interaction, activity interconnection, and resource sharing,efforts to form an overall joint force of "Grasping Party Building, Promoting Development, Strengthening the Team, and Improving Together".Recently, Mr.Mark He, general manager of Songlin Technology (Hubei) Co., LTD., led all party members, reserve party members and business backbones of the company to go to Dongfeng Xiaokang Airport Factory for party building work exchanges

During the event, Xin Ying, member of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile Co., Ltd. and Minister of the Party and Mass Work Department, gave a detailed introduction to the company’s corporate culture, party members’ demeanor, “five-oriented work methods” for party building, “three no principles”, “six one commitment”, etc. The specific content of the work,He also led us to visit the party-mass post, employee bookstore, production workshop, etc., and showed us the history of Dongfeng Xiaokang as a non-public enterprise party building work.

Later, Minister Xin Ying also introduced the company's recent party building activities in detail, shared some good experiences and practices in party building work by non-public enterprises, and the leading role played by party building in stabilizing enterprises.

After the study and exchange, the general manager of our company Mr.Mark He pointed out that Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile Co., Ltd. will give full play to the leading role of the party-building alliance and the resource advantages of the enterprise.Established an exchange and learning platform for the two new party organizations, allowing our company to not only inspect and learn from the party-building alliance enterprises, but also "organize a group to learn", and realize the branch resources from "a little red" to "a bunch of red", and the party building work from " "One-man show" becomes a "symphony" transformation.At the critical moment when the high-quality development of the economic development zone is accelerating, our company will give full play to the mutual promotion of the party-building alliance enterprises in the "organizational construction", the interconnection of the "organizational activities", the mutual sharing in the "party building positions", and the "paired assistance" "The leading role of mutual assistance,In exploring the path of party building innovation, we will cooperate sincerely and concentrate our efforts to promote a new answer to the party building alliance to lead the high-quality development of the enterprise.