SYSOLiN Held Oath of Party Membership & Party History Preaching Activity

Time: 2021-06-27

For celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding for China Communist Party, also for further strengthen the ideological education of party members & company employees, Songlin Technology (Hubei) Co., LTD. organized Oath of Party Membership & Party History Preaching Activity. Party members,probationary party members & excellent employees joined this activities held on SYSOLiN’s Broadcast Center 3rd floor. After all the employees finished China National Song, probationary party members took an oath, they solemnly raised right hand and read the oath in front of party flag, they spoken in a powerful voice, their speech expressed the infinite loyalty of SYSOLiN people to the China Communist Party and our company.

During the activity, SYSOLiN Party Branch Secretary Mr.Zhang Yipei read the oath, other 3 probationary party members read after him.

After the oath, probationary party member Ms.Ning Ying shared her experience from supplication submission to became a probationary party member, also shared her motivation to join the party, her own understanding of party standard & party activities, to encourage SYSOLiN’s employee to submit application form to prepare for join our greatest China Communist Party soon.

At the meanwhile, current party member Ms.Liu Lili also expressed her ardent expectations for the probationary party members, hoping that the probationary party members will continue to work hard, behavior well, and join the party organization soon. As a veteran party member, we must do a good job of spreading and guiding, unite and lead new party members to learn party history, performance per the guidance of party.

The party history activity also held during this meeting, Party Branch Secretary Mr.Zhang Yipei preached to all party members faithfully for 《Review of China Communist Party Party’s History and Strengthening Ideals and Convictions》, hope to inspire all colleagues to learn from our party’s experience of victory and creating values for our company faithfully as well. Ms.Qin Hongna, the person in charge of SYSOLiN party built, preached 《How to make good use of China Communist Party resources, inherit gene, and pass on the red country from generation to generation》 in an easy understanding way, also explain why China Communist Party could became the one, and how Marxism works, advantages of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, analysis the logic of history development, theory, practice, leading party members to strength the awareness of "Four Consciousness", faith of "Four Self-confidence", and action as "Two Maintenance".

By the end of this activities, G.M. of SYSOLiN Mr.Mark He gave a speech to probationary party members, hope they can following as below: keep in mind for the new character as a probationary party members, improve the self-cultivation of Party Spirit; keep learning, play the role of advances employee; keep hard working and walking the walk by practice, express “San Niu Spirit”to all in daily work. Also, he hope all SYSOLiN employee to learn from today’s activity, absorb the spirit of forging ahead in the study and education of party history, polish the spiritual background in practice, work together to promote the development and construction of the company, and present the party's centennial birthday with excellent results.