SYSOLiN Authorized with AEO Certificate

Time: 2021-06-16

On the morning of June 16, 2021, Shiyan Customs held a authorization ceremony, Vice-director of Shiyan Customs Mr.Li Zhiguo awarded Songlin Technology (Hubei) Co., LTD. AEO Certificate.

Shiyan Customs focus on “Action on Real Action for the People” and handle it as one of the most important practice on History of Communist Party of China. With deep communication with SYSOLiN & Hubei Bonner, to knew about the development of those two company & factory. Shiyan Customs Inspection Office Mr.Jiang Xiaoyong have explained AEO certificate policy and benefit in detail on site, helped us to understand the policy and how the policy really release the pressure of export to Foreign Trading Company, then we can calmly respond to the risk and changes in the current international environment.

At the same time, Shiyan Customs also organized meeting with the topic of “Customs & Foreign Trading Company face to face solution”. SYSOLiN G.M. Mr.Mark He consult during the meeting, Shiyan Customs office Ms.Wang Yue, answer the question for Intellectual Property Protection,Customs Back-up Record and other related questions, and release SYSOLiN 《List of applications for customs protection of intellectual property rights》, to instruct us to start the Customs Back-up Record.

During the meeting, Mr.Li Zhiguo expressed the wishes to SYSOliN to keep Integrity management and expand business, play the model role of Shiyan Foreign Trading Business companies, driving and promoting more companies to join the customs AEO certified enterprise, making greater contributions to the export-oriented economic development of Shiyan.

At the mean while,Shiyan Customs will continue to increase the cultivation and policy preaching of certified enterprises, continue to provide good servie, acting as Foreign Trading Company's "waiter", to create good conditions in the development of and provide qualified service, continue to improve Foreign Trading Company's Satisfaction.

At the end of the meeting, SYSOLiN G.M. Mr.Mark He said sincerely, Shiyan Customs do practical things for Foreign Trading Companies by full heart,we do felt that Shiyan Customs is "People's Customs for the People" all the time.

SYSOLiN will grasp the first important task of development, focus on foreign trade export orientation, keep innovation, playing the role of export industry model and make more new contributions, expanding more space for our company’s overall coordinated development.