Nox sensors Introduction

Time: 2022-05-10

Under the emission standard of China VI, the nitrogen and oxygen sensor is still an important exhaust gas measurement tool. Cooperated with the after-treatment system of the truck, it ensures that the exhaust gas of the vehicle meets the emission standards.

Configure two nitrogen and oxygen sensors to detect the value of NOx at the inlet and outlet of the after-treatment tank respectively. It communicates with the ECU through the body bus and also has a temperature control system, a diagnosis system, and a control system inside the NOx sensor assembly.

The sensor monitors its own working conditions and reports to the ECU whether there is a fault through the body CAN bus. The entire NOx sensor consists of a sensor probe, control module, connecting plug, and connecting cable.

Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor Type

● Classified by brand: Weichai, Yuchai, Xichai, Shangchai, Sinotruk, Cummins and so on.

● Classification by power supply voltage: 24V and 12V.

● Classified by plug: five-pin and four-pin.

Monitoring and diagnosis

The NOx sensor transmits the NOx value in the exhaust gas to the ECU in real time after normal operation. The ECU does not judge whether the exhaust gas is qualified by monitoring the real-time NOx value, but detects whether the NOx value in the exhaust gas exceeds the standard through a set of nitrogen oxide monitoring programs.

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