Russian Motor Rally Championship

Time: 2020-06-04

Recently, The first stage of 2020 Russian Motor Rally Championship was successfully completed in the Northern Forest of St. Petersburg. Under the help of Cummins Engine, Foton Cummins Racing Team won totally both Champion and Runner-up of T2 (mass production group) in this "extremely cold challenge"!

The T2 (production group) crown runner-up team vehicle vehicle is equipped with Cummins F2.8 engine. As an in-line four-cylinder high-pressure direct injection diesel engine, Cummins F2.8 engine power range of 107-168 horsepower, with strong power, reliable and durable, compact structure, high efficiency and economy and so on, over the years frequently competed in the world's major events, and won many awards.

This event is not only the opening year of the Russian Automobile Rally Championship, but also the FIA's first race in 2020. Total 32 teams from 9 countries and regions attended the competition. It is the first time for Foton Cummins to send a Chinese team to participate in the event, creating the history of the Chinese team competing in Russia. It also set the best record among vehicle teams !

Thanks for the Sponsors’ care and attention on Chinese current situation and we all hope that China will defeat the epidemic and get through difficulties. Foton Cummins team though far away overseas was not afraid of ice and snow but encouraged motherland with actions!