The city’s party building observation Songlin’s activities

Time: 2021-11-01

On the afternoon of October 28th, the party committee of the municipal government organs took the lead in organizing the ninth group of "six modernizations" joint creation, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Reception Office, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, Deputy secretaries and party workers of the Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and other units and party workers visited our company for on-site observation

At the site of the event, Songlin Technology (Hubei) Co., LTD. showed "unique skills", displayed "family status", and presented various party building tasks one by one, showing both "internal construction" and "alliance highlights".

Party building leads industrial construction to empower non-public enterprises to develop. Based on the actual development of the enterprise, Songlin Technology (Hubei) Co., LTD. builds the "Party Flag Red·Trade Union Blue" brand of party workers and forms a good situation of coordinated development.This year, our company has vigorously carried forward the red tradition, inherited the red gene, and focused on the promotion of party building and co-construction, and created pioneering demonstrations of party workers, model learning of party workers, innovative development of model workers, cultivation of key employees, and party workers’ activities totally 5 platforms,Integrate the work of party workers into the development and operation of the enterprise and the spiritual and cultural life of employees from all aspects and multiple angles, and strive to create a new path for the development of a strong enterprise and a rich career with "good corporate atmosphere, good working mechanism, good sales performance, and good employee feedback".Continuously increase the cohesion and combat effectiveness of our company's party branch and labor union, and comprehensively promote high-quality economic and social development.

The alliance is attractive and dynamic. In 2020, under the correct guidance of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee and the Party Branch of Lin'an Logistics Park, the Economic Development Zone established an enterprise party building alliance.The Party Building Alliance uses our company's cross-border e-commerce live broadcast base as a platform to carry out activities such as joint learning of political theory, joint practice activities, joint construction of party members, joint sharing of advantageous resources, and joint promotion of economic development.At the same time, our company also provides free live broadcast, online negotiation, and online processing for alliance companies.Since the establishment of the alliance, a total of 2 million overseas live broadcasts have been carried out for 12 companies including Wanlianda and Zhongwo, and 120 live broadcast personnel have been trained.The party building alliance listens to and follows the party with practical actions, and promotes better and faster economic and social development with party building.

After the observation, the leaders and staff of the site observation affirmed the achievements of our company's party branch in party building brand building, position building, and party building alliances.The leading leader of the observation pointed out that the party building observation activity is an important part of the joint construction of the "six modernizations" of party building, and it is also a powerful starting point for promoting enterprise construction.hope that Songlin will continue to work hard to lead the high-quality development of non-public party construction in the Economic Development Zone.

He Xianbi, general manager of our company, said that the next step will be under the encouragement of the municipal party committee and municipal government and the management committee of the Economic Development Zone to take the hard work."Dare to be the world's first" Songlin people will further actively participate in the practice of party building to empower enterprise development, and promote the new atmosphere of high-quality party building leading high-quality development.To build a first-class enterprise in the Economic Development Zone and build a first-class party building alliance to install a "red engine".